Managing Your Gaming Habits

I remember when I was eager to finish college so I could start earning money and buy all those games I couldn’t afford earlier. When I finished college, I was so happy I would finally be able to play those games! Soon after I started working, I noticed a flaw in my plan. I did have the money, but I didn’t have time for games. Being a grown up gamer sucks. Is there any hope for us? Well, there is, but you will have to change some gaming habits.

Time consuming games are out of the question. As a grown up, what I found most frustrating is that I wasn’t able to stay in my progression raiding team in World of Warcraft. They would start progress at 9PM and finish around 2 AM, and they would do so during the week, not on weekends. I couldn’t keep up with such a schedule so I dropped out. MOBA and FPS games are also difficult to handle at times. Playing a round or two quickly turns into “this was real bad, I really want to win the next one”. It’s best to stick to games that have save and exit, as well as the pause option.

Priorities, priorities! If your baby needs a diaper change, you shouldn’t ignore this because you are farming bot lane in League of Legends. Change that diaper first. If you have a report to finish, finish it and play afterwards. Your spouse will most likely understand that you need some game time in your life, but you have to reciprocate. If you have promised your spouse you will go for a walk today or have dinner at a restaurant, do not skip this. It’s best if you do your chores first and play games afterwards – you will have everything done and you won’t have any guilt trips.

Integrate games into your family time as well. This doesn’t mean that all of you will be playing CoD. Family games on PlayStation, Xbox or Wii are the best way to do so. Especially while playing Wii, as you also get your exercise. Well rounded up family and gaming routines will make both you and your family happy.

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